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Hiking & biking

Selva di Val Gardena: The perfect destination for your summer adventures.

Holidays dedicated to hiking, Nordic Walking, trekking, mountain biking and climbing in the Dolomites around the Sella Group.

A holiday in Selva di Val Gardena offers healthy benefits, a respite from the scorching heat and muggy weather, in a pleasant mountain climate with clean air. The pristine alpine valley presents a fantastic view surrounded by the Dolomites. While hiking and walking on the numerous routes starting from the hotel, don’t miss the chance to stop for a platter of speck and homemade cheese in a rustic peasant hut.

Try Nordic Walking with walking sticks - a new way to stay fit in the mountains and train every muscle in your body. This exercise engages special sticks that complement your steps, allowing you to use 90% of the muscles, reduce physical effort by 30% and burn 46% more energy than traditional jogging. Experience this at the "DSV Nordic Active Park", where friendly instructors are ready to guide you.

Plan your holidays in the beautiful Val Gardena, where adventurous tracks, bike trails, big drops, climbing the dark peaks imitating the legendary "Luis Trenker" and a wide variety of sporting activities await.

Enjoy activities like tennis, golf, horseback riding and rafting... No matter what you choose, the most important thing is to relish the great outdoors, appreciating the views, flavors and fragrances, the beautiful sunsets, the edelweiss, the singing of birds and the beauty of the golden eagle. And explore the stables to discover the valuable work of the local peasants.

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Val Gardena Active

The Val Gardena Active Summer mountain and hiking guides will accompany you step by step.

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It's worth it: from the Puez-Odle Nature Park, to the Bulla Geotrail, the Kneipp hiking in Val D'Anna, the Via Crucis, and the small idyllic church of San Giacomo or the Val Gardena Museum for history and art lovers.

Mountain bike

The mountain and hiking guides of Val Gardena Active Summer will accompany you step by step.


The Dolomites have been recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, a title that Val Gardena is very proud of and bears with respect and responsibility!

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